We have various regular clubs and groups at Glamis Hall. They are:
Monday Lunch & VIP Clubs*, GLJ Youth Theatre* Available for hire 9am-11am, 2pm-3:30pm
Tuesday Lunch & VIP Clubs*, Driving Test Centre, Bingo Club, Junior Ballroom and Latin dance classes, GLJ Core Theatre*, Badminton.
Wednesday Lunch & VIP Clubs*, GLJ Community Theatre*, Zumba.
Thursday Lunch & VIP Clubs*, Driving Test Centre, Zumba Gold, Youth Club*, Ballroom & Latin dance classes.
Friday Lunch & VIP Clubs*, Premier Kicks, Ladies Badminton (private club). Available for hire 2pm-5pm
Saturday Indoor Boot Sales* September - May 2nd Saturday in the month. Available to hire, 9am onwards
Sunday Harvest Ministry. Available to hire, 1pm onwards

Please check the events page, call 01933 677326 or use the Contact Us page to find out more.

Groups and Clubs marked * are provided by or affiliated with Glamis Hall for All.


 Here's our VIP Club leaflet.

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