The Wellingborough Civic Society Wrote:-

We are delighted to announce that the Wellingborough Civic Award for 2015 is to be presented to Glamis Hall and their team of dedicated volunteers for the ethos ‘Glamis Hall for All’.

Past recipients of our awards have been diverse and varied, chosen either for architectural merit or a valued community project and have included, Wellingborough museum, bandstand in Castle Fields, wooden zoo animals in Croyland Abbey near to the Tithe Barn and last year the Old Sun Laundry Site on Westfield Road, Wellingborough. The award can only be considered by society members for a building or community project completed within the twelve month period between each AGM.

It was in this spirit that members voted at our May 2015 AGM for Glamis Hall, not in this case for any architectural merit associated with the building, but for a valuable community project destined to help all Wellingborough citizens for many years to come.

The campaign to prevent closure of Glamis Hall was hard fought and our society watched, in company with many others the fraught path, initially paved with official scorn, taken by Heather and her intrepid volunteers which led to eventual success.

Wellingborough Civic Society would like to invite all facebook friends and visitors to the award presentation which will take place on Sunday 16th August 2015, 2pm at Glamis Hall, Goldsmith Road, Wellingborough NN8 3RU, where Heather and her dedicated team will be on hand to receive our 2015 award plaque.

There is still much work to be done which will, we are certain span many years, but with each ‘brick’ secured firmly into place, the care and services provided by this essential community resource will continue to develop and grow, providing benefit to all residents of Wellingborough for many years to come.

Source:- Wellingborough Civic Society (Facebook)


Heather Saunders (Chairwoman of Glamis Hall for All):-

Thank you so much! We are delighted to receive this award. On behalf of all the team at Glamis Hall.


This is for all the people who helped with the campaign and those who help out at the centre now. Thank you. Heather.

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